Zeal for Art Studios is an illustration studio specializing in sequential art. 

We are a team that designs, develops, and delivers relatable stories with an emphasis on diversity. We create comics, graphics, and illustrate educational resources for publishers, nonprofit and profit organizations. We bring forth whimsical stories that inspire and entertain thousands of readers from around the globe. 

At our very core, we are a creative team passionate about producing works that our audience can connect with. 


Late Bloomer Art

Meet Mai, a woman born with a flower bud growing from her belly. The rare condition, Botanical Development has followed her from childhood into adulthood.

In order to rid the bud it has to bloom and be deflowered. But the bud will only bloom once Mai has found a mate. Unfortunately Mai is awkward and inexperienced when it comes to the dating world. Join this eccentric twenty- six year old on her journey to becoming deflowered in Late Bloomer.


Luggage Desktop

What do you value most? And if it was taken from you, what would you do to get it back?

Join four strangers as they are transported to the mythical land of Luggage – and set out on a quest to locate lost items of great personal value. Along the way, they must make hard decisions about what’s important to them, and what must be left behind in order to retrieve what has been lost.



With Life’s greatest twists, comes purpose. 

Tiffany Woodall
Founder, Tiffany Woodall

It was devastating when founder Tiffany Woodall and her family learned that her older sister suffered from a traumatic brain injury that was misdiagnosed for over a decade. From that moment, the proper treatment for her sister and Tiffany’s role as a primary caregiver began.

As Tiffany sat in various doctors’ offices waiting for her sister, the stress increased with each appointment. As a way of redirecting this energy, Tiffany did something that came naturally. She drew. And unbeknownst to Tiffany at the time, it was the beginning of establishing her niche in culturally relevant storytelling through sequential art. A simple doodle of a duck transformed into a character, then another, and ultimately into an entire comic strip. The story, called Late Bloomer, was a combination of real and fictional experiences to create strong, relatable characters within an engaging plot.

For fun, Tiffany submitted the work under the alias name, Zeal for Art, to Webtoon’s Discover and the rest is history. She is now a featured artist on Webtoon. Tiffany’s artistic presence and influence in the comics industry is now known. In 2017, Tiffany spoke as a featured panelist at the San Diego Comic-Con’s session, Monetize Your Comics On LINE Webtoon Discover. Later that year, she was a panelist at New York Comic-Con’s Romance Revolution. Tiffany was recently featured on the Girl Wonder Podcast, in which she tells the story of how her narratives came to be.

Late Bloomer and her latest webcomic, Luggage, are produced in Zeal for Art Studios in which Tiffany is the chief executive and primary illustrator on her creative team. She resides on the East Coast, USA with her sister and Milo, who thinks he’s a big dog but lives in a miniature body.

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